About Dozier Law

Dozier Law P.C. is located at 430 Silverwood Centre Drive in Rincon, Georgia. Dennis Dozier Sr. has been practicing law for over twenty-five years and founded the firm in 1999.

Dozier Law P.C. is dedicated to helping people solve day-to-day legal issues, from simple to complex and small to large. We focus in the following areas of the law:

  • Family Law, for people with domestic issues
  • Bankruptcy Law, for people with financial issues
  • Personal Injury, for people who have been injured in an accident
  • Criminal Defense Law, for people charged with misdemeanors and/or felonies
  • Wills, Trusts & Estates, for people who want to ensure an orderly transition of assets
  • Civil Litigation, for people facing business or property disputes

The attorneys of Dozier Law P.C. are committed to providing legal support that delivers the best possible results for our clients. We have a friendly and experienced staff who provide legal and administrative support across all of the areas of practice.

Dozier Law P.C. maintains state of the art technology to provide efficient and cost-effective services and representation. Importantly, we represent our clients with a personal touch, never losing sight of the human side of the work we do. Take a look at our commitment to our clients. This is what drives us and motivates us each and every day.

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There is more to the DOZIER LAW, P.C. logo than meets the eye. If you look close enough, you'll see a law firm built with determination and forged in fire, a law firm full of energy, activity, creativity, passion, level-headedness, stamina, stability, strength, helpfulness, determination and confidence.

Dozier Law P.C. has been providing legal services to residents of the Coastal Empire for over 20 years. The firm is focused in the following areas of the law: Family Law, Bankruptcy Law, Personal Injury, Criminal Law, Wills, Trusts and Estates Law, and Civil Litigation.


  • Dennis and Jacklyn are such a wonderful ass-kicking duo. They fought long and hard to win my case and got me a great settlement. I could not have asked for a better lawyer to represent me and accurately voice my pain. He’s the best in the area!
    Olivia, AVVO Review
  • I am very happy that I chose Dozier Law to represent me in my personal injury case. The whole staff were very supportive and informative, I never had to wait long to get a return email or phone call. In what could’ve been a highly stressful situation, everything was handled for me in a timely and professional manner. I would definitely go with Dozier again should I be in a situation to need to.
    Shannon, AVVO Review
  • If you are looking for an honest attorney to help you file bankruptcy then you need to call this firm. They handled my case and I felt extremely secure and confident. Adam is very knowledgeable and cares about helping people. Adam was always easy to get in touch with and quick to respond to phone calls or emails. The staff was also very responsive.
    Heather, Google Review
  • I hired Dennis Dozier to represent me when custody of my daughter was challenged. After our first meeting, I knew I had made the right choice. His knowledge of family law as well as our area’s standard comforted me in such a worrisome time. Not only was I prepared walking into court, I never felt anxious about his abilities inside the courtroom…I will continue to use Dennis for any representation I may need in the future and will recommend his practice to anyone needing an exceptional attorney.
    Ivy, AVVO Review
  • Mr. Dozier helped me with a criminal case for my teenage son who is autistic. He took the time to understand the impact my son’s disability had on his actions. He listened and cared, and that was very important. He negotiated a very fair outcome for my son. Can’t thank him enough!!!
    Unknown, AVVO Review
  • Adam did a great job with my bankruptcy. As a result of his great work, I hired him to do my Will. He also did a wonderful job with this. I would give him 10 stars if I could…
    Brenda, Google Review
  • With three insurance companies and multiple medical care providers to deal with, our claim required an attorney willing to put in the long hours and remain tenacious in the face of multiple frustrations. Dennis’s firm negotiated a timely settlement exceeding our monetary expectations.” “This claim was the second matter the Dozier law firm has helped my wife and I with. Dennis and Adam are genuine are truly care about their clients.
    Bryan, AVVO Review
  • Mr Dozier is an excellent attorney. He is very thorough and we could not have been any happier with his efforts. Our adoption was not a both cut and dry adoption, but rather contested and trying one. Mr Dozier was confident and dedicated every step of the way. He made sure we were thoroughly prepared every step of the way. Any time we had questions or even just needed to meet quickly once we had new evidence that was found, he was readily available. He was honest and reassuring with us through the whole process. I must say at times I would get discouraged because of the situation at hand, but when Mr Dozier presented our case to the courts I felt confident we would win. In the end we won our case because of his expertise, dedication and hard work. Anyone would be blessed to have Mr. Dozier on their side!
    Mitzi, AVVO Review
  • Great legal team. Very knowledgeable and professional. Helped me with my divorce and I ended up coming out ahead than what I was expecting. Dennis is a fighter for his clients. You will not be disappointed when you use him for legal representation.
    Jack, Google Review
  • Mr. Dozier presented my request for a divorce to the Effingham County Courts and did everything that was required to get my divorce. I highly recommend Mr. Dozier to anyone who need an attorney.
    Antonio, AVVO Review
  • He handled our business with wonderful care and over the years we have always received great customer service. I would recommend him to anyone.
    Jennifer, AVVO Review
  • Mr. Dennis and Adam worked hard to get me the most out of my personal injury case. They were great listeners, detail oriented, and compassionate. Would definitely use Dozier Law, PC again!
    Jennifer, AVVO Review
  • I not only recommend attorney Dennis Dozier, but I guarantee once you have used his services you too will look no further. I have used Mr. Dozier for many years, he handles not only my personal but my business affairs and has always achieved the outcome I was looking for…
    Whitney, Google Review
  • I walked into the Dozier law office a little afraid and not knowing what to expect but within a few minutes after hiring Adam he made me feel so at ease. When ever I called he was always there for me. He made me fell that I was his only client walking me through each and every step. Thank you.
    Nancyann, AVVO Review
  • If you are looking for a good honest lawyer Dennis Dozier is the lawyer for you.
    Terry, AVVO Review
  • Mr Dozier has been retained by myself and my wife on a few occasions. He has helped us navigate through heated custody disputes with former spouses and has been able to deliver on every promise. Mr. Dozier doesn’t make promises he doesn’t keep and will be honest with you about the case from day one. Too many attorneys promise the world and leave you standing wondering what happened to your life and penniless.” “I highly respect Mr. Dozier as an attorney and as a person. I’d gladly use him in any legal matter that required representation.
    Unknown, AVVO Review
  • The team at Dozier Law helped me navigate the stressful and sometimes murky waters of family law. It can be difficult to find an attorney who recognizes the important emotional and human aspects of the law, but Dennis handled these areas effortlessly…
    Misty, Google Review
  • Thanks Dennis for guiding me and my wife through a very difficult time in our life. Your warm understanding and experience will never be forgot.
    Walter, AVVO Review
  • I hired Dennis Dozier as my Divorce Lawyer. With his help and expertise I was awarded primary custody of my daughter. Dennis and his staff (Jacklyn) were amazing. They assisted with gathering all of the data and evidence I needed. He was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. During my custody hearing, I found that my legal team was over prepared and the defendant was not. This made my case very easy to settle. I’d like to thank the Dozier Law Firm for all their hard work.
    Keith, AVVO Review
  • He and his staff were very attentive to my needs and looked out for my best interest.”
    Unknown, AVVO Review
  • Dozier Law is amazing! Dennis Dozier truly cares for his clients. He is experienced and always prepared. He helped me through the roughest of times. Where most attorneys can be intimidating, Dennis was easy to talk to…I highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of legal assistance.
    Allison, Google Review
  • I recommend Dennis Dozier’s Law Firm to everyone in need of a great attorney that really listens and cares about your financial needs. Mr. Dozier and his members of his firm really helped me when I was in need of an attorney during a rough time in my life. They were really there for me. Thanks once again for all your hard work and for all you do.
    Unknown, AVVO Review
  • Dennis was very respectable throughout the entire (in my case, 4 months) process. He was very prompt in returning phone calls, emails, and handling other issues. His paralegal, Jaclyn, is very informative and answers promptly as well. All around amazing office to work with. Successful encounter.
    Kacee, AVVO Review
  • Dennis handled my very difficult divorce in a competent and caring manner. He kept me grounded, and realistic in my expectations but constantly reassured me the outcome would be manageable. He handled the opposing lawyer with courtesy and tenacity based on a strong understanding of process and the law. In the end he was one of the significant reason a settlement agreement was reached prior to the court case. Dennis is a good man with strong Christian values who you can trust.
    Paul, AVVO Review
  • Mr. Dozier has been my attorney for a few years. He has always shown 100% interest in my case and has been very professional with me. Mr. Dozier is always prepared for court and has always had my best interest at hand. I was very impressed with how prepared he was and the effort he put forward for me and my family. After two separate court appearances, I’m scheduled for my third, and feel quite confident that the outcome will be the same as prior appearances. Trust me when I say you will NOT be disappointed in Mr. Dozier and his team.
    Derek, AVVO Review
  • Dozier Law was recommended to us by a trusted professional who saw Mr. Dennis Dozier in action as the opposing lawyer to a case they were called to testify in. To be highly recommended by someone who was on the opposing side is a powerful statement…We are very lucky Dozier Law P.C. took on our case because it transformed our lives.
    Claudette, Google Review
  • I hired Dennis and his team for my bankruptcy. He helped save my house from foreclosure and I cannot thank him enough. He is very knowledgeable and you will not be disappointed.
    Mike, AVVO Review
  • Dozier Law firm has been taking care of my family for years. Dennis helped me get custody of my son and then helped me get custody of my 2 girls. Please understand that if you are looking for a lawyer that is going to tell you what you want to hear, then he is not the lawyer for you. He believes in the truth and the facts. When it is time for court you will be prepared and he will make you feel proud that he is your attorney…I trust him with my life and I have trusted him with my children’s lives and he has always delivered as promised.
    Matthew, Google Review
  • I had a friend who went through a divorce, and he told me he used Dennis Dozier, and he highly recommended him…Dennis is all about the children and he would always steer me in the direction of what was the best thing for our child…Getting to the truth is in his DNA and that is what makes him so good at what he does.
    Jason, Google Review
  • Took my case worked very hard and I am please other lawyers didn’t even here my concerns.
    Jan, AVVO Review
  • Mr. Dozier and his team walked me through every step of the process in my family law case. Knowledgeable, professional, and determined are a few of the attributes that I’d use to describe the staff at Dozier Law firm.
    Paul, Google Review
  • Both Dennis and his staff were a pleasure to work with. Everyone acted in a very professional manner, and worked efficiently to get my case resolved.
    Jeffrey, AVVO Review
  • I have a CDL license. I received a traffic citation, so I contacted Dozier Law Firm and Adam went above and beyond to get my case thrown out. I would highly recommend Dozier to anyone who needs legal counsel…
    Michael, Google Review
  • Dozier was the best to work with! His staff was always polite and answered any questions that we had with our adoption. I would highly recommend them for your needs. Thank you so much for helping our adoption go so smoothly.
    Wendy, Google Review
  • Dennis will tell you like it is and the truth. He will not mislead you or make you feel any question is unwelcome. I refer everybody I know to Dennis. He is a well rounded honest lawyer and can handle many of life’s issues with fairness, honesty…He is realistic and does not sugar coat so you are prepared for any outcome. The comfort I received in his presence got me thru the most difficult time of my life and taught me some lessons…
    Linda, AVVO Review
  • Mr. Dozier helped me the most by creating a great divorce document that kept my X from coming back into my life. When years later my X tried to get out of one of the terms of the agreement my well crafted paperwork was a great firewall…
    Kirke, AVVO Review
  • I had Dennis represent me in a custody battle. I don’t believe it could have turned out any better for my daughter.
    Daniel, AVVO Review
  • Mr. Dozier was very knowledgeable about the laws involving my son’s case. He made suggestions of actions we could take before going to court that he thought would greatly benefit my son. He was very comforting and encouraging to my son because he was very nervous about what might happen. He did a great job representing my son & we were able to resolve the case with minimal negative impact to my son.
    Tina, AVVO Review
  • Mr. Dozier has been retained by myself and my wife on a few occasions. He has helped us navigate through heated custody disputes with former spouses and has been able to deliver on every promise. Mr. Dozier doesn’t make promises he doesn’t keep and will be honest with you about the case from day one…I highly respect Mr. Dozier as an attorney and as a person…
    Unknown, AVVO Review
  • Mr. Dozier is an amazing attorney all I had to do was make the call and he took it from there. He was truly a great help and gave me a fresh start. His entire staff is friendly, and easy to talk to. I recommend anyone who is going through issues with debt, family issues, or just looking for help resolving your legal issue contact him.
    Tiffany, AVVO Review
  • I contacted Mr. Dozier to request he help me adopt my stepson. He was very professional and did exactly what he said he would. Everything went smoothly and efficiently. The time frame Mr. Dozier estimated was accurate. His fees were fair. If the need arises, I will contact Mr. Dozier again. I am very satisfied.
    Brant, AVVO Review
  • Mr. Dozier is a lawyer who truly cares about his clients and their needs. He settled a complex case with ease and helped ease my worries along the way. Mr. Dozier and all of his employees are exceptional. Thank you for making me feel like a part of the family! I will forever be a part of the Dozier law firm, and we highly recommend him and any member of his law firm!
    Clint, Google
  • This law firm helped me when I was going through a very difficult time. They always treated me with respect.  They answered all of my questions, and I had a lot…Things are better than ever. If you need to use them do it, you will not be sorry.
    Amy, Google
  • My family and I are grateful to have had Dennis Dozier as my attorney! If you want to win in court, there is no better lawyer in Rincon. I used Mr. Dozier for a family law issue, with his knowledge and suggestions it worked out for me and my family. Amazing Attorney!
    Stephanie, Google Review
  • Amazing legal representation. I would give Mr. Dozier 10 stars! Very professional and compassionate in a delicate situation.
    Angela, Google Review
  • Working with Dennis and his office through my divorce was the best decision I made…I appreciate all the times Dennis responded to my calls for reassurance with compassion, empathy and understanding…He was always honest with me about what was or wasn’t a smart move which I greatly appreciated the transparency. Dennis is now my superhero…
    Ameigh, Google Review
  • Having recently been represented by Dennis Dozier Jr. as my attorney in state court, I found him to be an extremely knowledgeable and experienced attorney…highly organized, detail oriented, has outstanding skills at interviewing…outstanding in evaluating all of the evidence and circumstances of my case, and gave me the correct legal advice that resolved my legal matters in a most favorable manner…
    Ronald, Google Review
  • I want to thank you for the service that you provided me during my divorce. Dennis, Rachel, Dennis Jr, Adam, and Sherri are great people. You all work well as a team. And thanks to COVID-19 lengthening the process, I got to see a good bit of that teamwork. You provided valuable guidance, and your representation through the whole process was, let’s just say that I felt I was in good hands…Thanks!
    Craig, Google Review
  • Within one week Dennis Jr. and Dennis Sr. achieved what my previous attorney could not do in 2 years. 2 long and stressful years of waiting. The Dozier’s are the epitome of divorce lawyers who get results. Dennis Sr. attention to detail and legal prowess are unmatched. Look no further for the best legal and effective support system. If you want the best, start with the BEST.
    Judy, AVVO Review
  • Dennis Dozier and his team helped me in a time of need and some very important life changes. They were all very professional and I felt like they had my best interest at heart. Dennis is a Christian man and gives God the glory for giving him the talent to do what he can to help other people in need. I highly recommend the Dozier Law firm!
    Judy, Google Review
  • The Dozier Law firm was highly recommended to me. Adam Dozier is a great attorney. From our first meeting, he explained everything to me in terms I could easily understand and was always very responsive when I had questions outside of our meetings.
    Michelle, AVVO Review